With the advent of “Facebook,” people who can very well meet face to face choose to communicate on their “walls. What should have been a private matter is now for everyone to see. Reactions from people, even from complete strangers, are then inevitable.

Below is an anecdote on how Facebook’s walls can affect people around us. The anecdote has a universal theme which we can identify with. “Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan ‘wag magalit.”

A pastor of a small Christian denomination sought his community’s help to build the pastor’s quarter. He campaigned hard so people would contribute any amount for this worthy endeavor – after all, Christian communities must take care of their pastors.

However, after months of campaigning and soliciting both on the pulpit and the net, the pastor found time to “shout out” at his FB’s wall. He updated his friends of the latest happenings in his life.

He wrote, “Wow, finally I got my latest iPod series of IO” (the series is imaginary).

A fellow pastor from another Christian community commented in the first pastor’s wall, saying: “Hey, Bro, a new series will come out next month. I’ve just ordered mine…”

The exchange of comments was quite innocent. However, unknown to the two pastors, a member of the first pastor’s community read their respective FB walls since they were broadcast to all their friends. This member has been working hard to bring more people to contribute for the first pastor’s quarter. While many extended help and money, the expenses in building the quarter seemed to balloon… and now, this writing on the walls!

This member of the first pastor’s Christian community shrugged her shoulders, telling herself, “Could it be the gadget?”